Reneé Zettle-Sterling and I are writing a book about casting!

Our book will feature dynamic images from both contemporary and historical artists.  It will be a creative look-book of sorts, inspiring more people to use casting in their work and to think more broadly about the process and its possibilities.

 While we don’t want to write a technical manual or textbook, our book will offer information about using casting to its best effect.  Many books do cover technical details about casting processes from kiln temperatures to the type of flame to use to melt metal.  Youtube is also an incredible resource for how-to information.  Because this technical information can be found elsewhere, we won’t include it in great detail, but we will touch on the many ways to cast without getting bogged down in technical minutia.

 We are focusing on the overarching possibilities casting offers, regardless of the material that is actually cast to create the final object.  We propose that casting is a way of thinking.  Model creation, mold making, and finally, casting requires a different mindset than fabrication or other more direct approaches to making.   Once makers embrace the casting mindset, they begin to see the incredible range of options casting provides, like wax carving and modeling, taking molds from the body (fingerprints, for example) and using found objects for the model creation.  In the development of a model, material is irrelevant - almost anything can be molded.  Once the maker has created a mold, they have the possibility of casting in a wide variety of materials, each offering different qualities, effects and meanings.  We will discuss using molds to create multiples, the ability to alter what comes out of the mold to work in series and also using waste molds, which are destroyed in the process of casting, creating one-offs.  The very nature of the casting process offers a conceptual approach to the creation of art jewelry and objects which, as far as we know, has not been covered in any book.

Renee and I both use casting as a primary technique in our work, although we approach it very differently.  We are matched in our passion for the process and have a deep respect for each other’s approach.  The urge to co-author this book sprung from our many conversations on the subject of casting which always seemed to return to the lack of great books on the topic.  This is the book we would both dream of owning, and because it doesn’t exist yet, we need to write it.


CAST will be published by Schiffer Publishing and will feature essays by Suzanne Ramljak, Susie Silbert, Ezra Shales, and Elaine King.

Our Call for Entries is listed with Juried Art Services.  If you cast things or if you know someone who casts, please apply and/or share! Click HERE

Apple Brooch by Don Friedlich