Art Jewelry

  • Sculptural
  • Narrative
  • Complex
  • Mythic

About My Art Jewelry :

I design and create fine, handmade art jewelry for special occasions and gifts. With an MFA in jewelry and metalsmithing, I create an array of different pieces and designs while specializing in gold and platinum rings for engagements and weddings. Currently, I’m located in Pittsford, near Rochester, New York.

My jewelry collections consist of unique pieces, with metalwork I’ve created from scratch and an unmatched passion for the art; you won’t find things like this in your average jewelry store. My art jewelry contains figurative pieces, playful jewelry, and The Opera Project. To learn more about the different handmade art jewelry I create, click any of the photos to learn more about that specific project.

For additional information on art jewelry or custom pieces, contact me today!