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Custom Work Request

My goal in designing custom pieces is that they suit the wearers’ taste and style. Please help me get to know the person I’m designing for and what they would like. Feel free to add any additional ideas or comments.

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The Basics

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Are there pieces jewelry from my portfolio that you like?

What would you like to spend?

(If you want a customized version of work from an existing collection, you can get a sense of pricing by perusing the website. For true one-of-a-kind custom work, average price minimums are as follows and do not include stones: Silver - $500, Palladium - $750, White or Yellow Gold - $1400, Platinum - $2000)

What size of ring or length of necklace/bracelet do you need?

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Design Assessment

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Choose adjectives to describe the style of the wearer (think about clothes and accessories)

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Are there things I should avoid when designing? (For example, some people don’t like marquis shaped diamonds, yellow gold, etc…)

Do you have any pictures that inspire you or the recipient of the piece?
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