I will give a credit for scrap gold when doing custom work. I will pull out any stones in the piece, weigh the scrap gold and send it to my refiner. I will give market value for the metal minus the fee I am charged for the refining service.

I don’t use silver for wedding rings or engagement rings for a couple of reasons. I don’t recommend setting diamonds in silver because as the silver tarnishes, the stone will have a darkness underneath which will undermine its sparkle.
While the cost of silver is much lower than gold or platinum, silver is prone to damage and wearing away. Its density is too low to stand up to a lifetime of everyday wear, and I believe as the symbol of a union, wedding rings should be built to last. If cost is a major factor, consider palladium. Its price is in between silver and gold and it is a beautiful durable white metal in the same family as platinum.

There are other non-traditional options available today, like tungsten, titanium or super hard ceramic. They are very affordable and durable, but cannot be sized or repaired, so bear that in mind. I do not work in these materials, but can order bands for you. Get in touch with me and we can discuss your options!

I do not do formal appraisals, but can make recommendations about trusted sources for appraisals. If I am making a piece for you and you know you will want an appraisal, let me know so that I can weigh the metal before setting the stones and take other proactive steps to save you money when you do take it for formal appraisal.

I do not do reproductions.

Sometimes I will do repairs, but it is on a case-by-case basis. I typically do not work on costume jewelry (that requires a very specialized skill set). I can usually help to replace a lost stone, but I am not a lapidary artist and do not cut, polish or repair damaged stones.

That depends if it is custom work or if it is a part of an existing collection (and if that piece is in stock). My standard turnaround time for custom work is 6-8 weeks. If it is a collection piece I have in stock, I can usually ship within a day or two. If I need to make a piece from an existing collection, it will usually take a week or two, depending on the piece.

You are welcome to get in touch with me and arrange a time to come to my studio. I also exhibit in various venues around the country - let me know where you are and I can tell you if there are any nearby locations showing my work.

My hours are by appointment only. I am typically in the studio Monday through Friday 9 - 6. Feel free to call or email me to arrange a visit.