Casting Without Equipment

June 2 - 6, 2015

 Paducah School of Art & Design, Paducah, KY

Class description
Lost wax casting is ancient technology which is still a staple of the jewelry industry today.  In lost wax casting, you begin with a wax model, which is transformed into a metal model.  This course is designed for people interested in

using cast elements in their work, but who don’t have their own casting equipment.  Casting houses are common and offer a terrific service for both professionals who want to outsource this part of their process as well as hobbyists who want to cast but don’t own the required equipment.  We will cover everything from the creation of the original model to finishing the metal part.  We will discuss the wide range of waxes available and cover a variety of wax working techniques from carving to modeling.  There will be some tool making covered as well as tricks for achieving clean models.  We will also discuss how to find a caster that will meet your needs and how to get your desired results.  I will teach you how to clean up castings using files, grinding, burnishing, chasing and polishing.   This class is appropriate for every skill level and gives you skills you can continue to use as the wax carving and casting clean up is low tech. This is a fun class that can offer exciting new techniques for every skill level.


Casting Without Equipment

October 2-4, 2015

Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, IL